Autore: Pina Mafodda
Collana: Migrastorie
Anno edizione: 2024
In commercio dal: 26/03/2024
Pagine: 254
EAN: 978-88-31339-94-0

Autore: Pina Mafodda

There is another Italy outside the national borders: an Italy made up of those approximately 60 million natives Italians, children of the many who, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,they took the path of emigration.[…]

This mobility involved some regions more than others (the eastern and central-southern areas).

The official expatriation surveys come accomplished only starting from 1876 and they tell usthan in a century the number of Italians transferred abroad it amounts to approximately 26 million.” [Aldo G. Ricci, Superintendent of the Central Archives of the State. Presentation.  Documents on emigration  in the United States of the Central State Archives]

In the context of this epochal phenomenon, the volume is interested in the direct lives of our emigrants, of the social, personal, family dynamics that they got them involved.  The Municipality of Carovilli, for the migratory characterization, […] constituted a sort of research “laboratory”.  In this sense  the reader will find a varied collection of micro-stories, told by original documents, photographs and interviews that will allow him to know humanizing aspects of the phenomenon migratory.



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